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We specialize in IBC Biewer a la Pon Pom  and small breed Toy size puppies - We have purebred puppies that are home raised by myself.  Our babies are treated like little people and truly loved as though they were our children. When you take them home we expect you to do the same. They are registered with top kennel associations like AKC, CKC, ACA and include full pedigree papers. We specialize in The Yorkshire Terriers, IBC Biewer a la Pon Pom, and Maltese. All of our puppies are healthy, happy and beautifully raised.

Our babies are Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding!!!


We provide our babies with nothing but the best.

All of our babies get Natural Balance - Ultra Premium for puppy and adult as their nutritional diet. From our research we have also found two other brands that we would also consider, that you may want to choose from.

The Truth about pet food

I suggest reading many dog food reviews so you can choose the best brand for your pet. Many brands such as Purina’s Beneful, The Good life Recipe, and Eukanuba are NOT receiving good reviews or are not as healthy as they are advertised to be. Eukanuba received a 4 out of 10 - Eukanuba has a history of recalls and has a class action filed against the company for the inclusion of substandard ingredients. Eukanuba is not a dog food I would consider to be a healthy choice to feed my pet. Nutro pet foods are far from safe. Nutro brands such as Max puppy, falls well below any safe pet food level. The FDA considers Nutro Poision, yet it is still on the shelves today. And lets not even talk about Puppy Chow. Shame on you!

Dog Food Reviews

Websites that we can be found on, who list Dogs for Rescue:                

Our Family is dedicated to our dogs, they are our best friends. None of our Dogs should ever end up in a Shelter, that is why we have Lifetime Re-homing for all our Dogs.




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