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One Year Health Guarantee

Please Read..... If you are not picking up your furry baby you must  print out this ONE Year Health Guarantee Form  sign it  and email it to me so I can sign it and return the form  to you.. This is a must in order for your Health Guarantee in be in effect      

Wagg-N-Tails Health Guarantee

view/Print our  Health Guarantee Form

Stud Contract

New puppy owners must take their new puppy to their Vet within 72 hours for a health check for this guarantee to be in effect. Within three months should the puppy be diagnosed (Vet papers required) with a fatal hereditary condition (such as enlarged internal organs) the puppy will be replaced as soon as possible. Should the puppy die, an autopsy at the owner's expense is required and the findings must be submitted in writing before a replacement puppy will be provided.

This health guarantee does not cover puppies that go down with hypoglycemia ( fluctuations in sugar levels which can occur in small breed puppies), coccidia, giardia, lactation patella’s, umbilical or inguinal hernia, No hernia of any kind, KCS, over or underbites, or any other treatable illness including kennel chough (which can be compared to the common cold). Fleas, ear mites, or worms are not cause for a diagnosis of life-threatening or unfit for sale. Wagg-n-Tails is not responsible for any cost for vet bills or surgery bills. The vaccinations are covered for 14 days from the date of vaccination.

Covering  Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza. Ear mites, worms, or fleas are not causes for replacement, reimbursement, or refund. No refunds will be given until said pup is returned with all documentation for the vet that this pup was unfit for sale due to an inherited or congenital disease that is life-threatening and all regulations supplied with the said pup.

Your puppy has been vaccinated and treated for worms and parasites. Even though the puppy has been treated we cannot guarantee the puppy to be free of worms or parasites.

The new owners take full responsibility for their new puppy from the moment of purchase. Wagg-n-Tails is not reliable for any Vet bills, medical expenses, or any damages, injuries, or illness caused by the puppy or from such things as ear mite, worms, or other parasites. This puppy is sold as a pet only. No refunds will be given unless the pup has fatal genetic issues documented by your vet and a second opinion of the issue is also verified by our vet. Should this pet not fit with the family, the new pet owner is responsible for placing the pet into a new home.

We offer Lifetime Re-Homing for all of our dogs. If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy/dog and /or you cannot find a suitable home, you may return it to us and we will place it for adoption into a new home.  There is no fee or refund for re=homing our dogs.

I have read and agreed to the following conditions:

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