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Thousands of puppies and dogs all over the United States and Canada have been successfully potty trained by the innovative Potty Training Puppy Apartment. They still continue to use their Puppy Apartment™ as an indoor doggie bathroom after they have been potty trained.

Please view the video shown below to discover the amazing benefit of owning your own PTPA system.


Use the code shown below the video when checking out






code: KM30075  


Remember to use your code: KM30075 upon checkout to obtain your discount


We do not sell the puppy apartment directly. The product is made in the USA and ships directly from the supplier in California. (Modern Puppies)

We PURCHASED a puppy apartment to try it out and we use it to train our puppies in our home before they go to their new family. It has worked well for us and our clients. So far we have not had any negative feedback on the product.

The price varies by size.

We purchased the small size in December of 2011 for $167.95 in US FUNDS plus shipping. The landed cost to Ontario with HST, UPS shipping fee and customs brokerage was approximately $225.00 in CANADIAN FUNDS.

Yorkies live approximately 15 years and therefore the cage is an investment of about $15.00 a year. It is very well crafted and we estimate that is will probably last for many decades with normal care.

The training video that comes with the puppy apartment is very extensive and offers a wealth of training tips making the system very intuitive and highly successful to most pet owners.

Please visit to see the cage sizes and prices. There are numerous accessories available as well.

Remember to use your code: KM30075 upon checkout to obtain your additional 5% discount



code: KM30075  




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